Travis County’s 2017 bond projects have been successful so far, but rising costs and construction delays will be felt in the remainder of work, project managers said at an April 12 commissioners court meeting.

Of the 58 total projects, 19 have been completed and 37 are active, said Jessy Milner, president of the Frontline Advisory Group, which is overseeing the bond work. Two are not active. The bond includes $184.9 million for park and road projects, according to county documents.

This year, nine more projects will be completed, and work will begin on an additional nine, Milner said.

Earlier this year, the largest project, a $22.8 million widening project on Elroy Road was completed. The project wrapped up 62 days early and at least 8% below budget, according to Milner. However, future projects will likely not have a similar cushion, Milner said.

Milner said the county will face inflation and supply issues around key construction items, such as pipes, during the next projects.

“I can tell you, not just locally, but in these projects, we are feeling [inflation costs],” Milner said.

Milner said supply chain issues are worsening as the Austin area becomes one of the busiest construction areas in the country.

He said project managers are looking at options, including buying materials early, to offset rising costs and delays as much as possible.

The county has established the end of 2022 as the deadline for the work, meaning all 58 projects should be substantially complete—75% constructed—by the end of December.

However, according to county documents, 19 projects are underway but might not be completed within the time frame. The projects include work at:

  • Circle Drive/Thomas Springs

  • Fitzhugh Road

  • North Walnut Creek Trail

  • Old San Antonio

  • Old Lockhart Road

  • South Pleasant Valley

  • Spicewood Springs Road

  • Springdale Road sidewalk

  • Tom Sassman Road at Maha Creek

  • Wyldwood Road at Slaughter Creek

  • Onion Creek Greenway improvements

  • Arroyo Doble/Twin Creeks

  • County Line Road at Elm Creek

  • Hamilton Pool Road Phase 2

  • Ledgestone Terrace at Devil's Pen Creek

  • Old Manor Road improvements

  • Pearce Lane widening

  • Ross Road South

  • Thaxton Road

An interactive map of all Travis County public works projects can be found here. A map of the 2017 bond projects can be found here.