Tanger Outlets Fort Worth’s rooftop beehive put into place one year ago celebrated its first anniversary. The beehive was installed in May 2021 above Tommy Hilfiger and was the result of a partnership between Tanger Factory Outlet Center and urban beekeeping company Alvéole. According to Alvéole beekeeper Matt Hill’s blog, the single hive has about 9,000 bees as of June 2.

The mall is hosting a “queen spotting” event June 8 for the public to watch the beekeeper during inspection, according to a Tanger representative. The purpose of this inspection is to find the queen bee, which the beekeeper will isolate to the bottom bee box. The bees will then take this as a cue to stop wax production and start producing honey for the winter. 817-464-5400. www.tangeroutlet.com/fortworth