Montgomery County municipalities received $7.4 million in monthly sales tax revenue, according to the state comptroller’s summary report released June 8. Comptroller Glenn Hegar said $1 billion in sales tax revenue was distributed statewide.

All of Montgomery County’s cities received increases in sales tax distribution compared to June 2021, although three towns—Splendora, Patton Village and Panorama Village—saw decreases, according to the comptroller's report. The two special purpose districts that comprise The Woodlands also saw increases.

Conroe received a $5.2 million allocation, to take its year-to-date total to over $32.2 million, the report showed. Conroe’s June allocation is a 9% increase from its June allocation in 2021.

Shenandoah saw the second-largest payment in the county, receiving $638,355.50 to take its year-to-date allocation to $3.6 million. Shenandoah’s payment is an 8.4% increase from its June 2021 allocation, according to the report.

Montgomery saw the largest percent increase from the previous year in its sales tax allocation, with a 32.9% increase from its 2021 payment, the report showed. The city received $371,794.81 to take its year-to-date allocation to $2.3 million.

The two special purpose districts that make up The Woodlands received a combined $4.9 million in payments in June. The Woodlands Township Economic Development Zone saw an 8.2% increase from the previous year, while The Woodlands Township district’s payment was a 6.6% increase, the report showed.