Editor's note: This roundup has been updated to include the Democratic candidates contesting the nomination for the U.S. House District 38

Candidates across Texas will contest runoff elections May 24, to seal nominations ahead of the Nov. 8 general election.

In Texas, runoffs take place when candidates in the March 1 primary fail to secure a majority of votes. According to the secretary of state’s office, a candidate must secure more than 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff election against the candidate with the second-highest number of votes.

According to Harris County elections, 105,746 people had voted early in person or through mail-in ballots as of May 20. Fort Bend County had recorded 6,126 combined early votes by the same date, and Montgomery County had received 13,502 votes.

Polls May 24 will open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. Voters can find out their closest location here.

Contested nominations:

*indicates incumbent candidates

Harris County judge (R)

  • Alexandra del Moral Mealer

  • Vidal Martinez

Harris County Precinct 2 commissioner (R)

  • Jack Morman

  • Jerry Mouton

U.S. House, District 29 (R)

  • Robert Schrafranek

  • Julio Garza

U.S. House, District 7 (R)

  • Tim Stroud

  • Johnny Teague

Harris County Precinct 4 commissioner (D)

  • Lesley Briones

  • Ben Chou

Texas House District 147 (D)

  • Danielle Keys Bess

  • Jolanda Jones

Texas lieutenant governor (D)

  • Michelle Beckley

  • Mike Collier

Texas attorney general (R)

  • Ken Paxton*

  • George P. Bush

Texas attorney general (D)

  • Rochelle Garza

  • Joe Jaworski

Texas comptroller of public accounts (D)

  • Janet T. Dudding

  • Angel Luis Vega

Texas commissioner of the General Land Office (R)

  • Tim Westley

  • Dawn Buckingham

Texas railroad commissioner, Place 2 (R)

  • Wayne Christian*

  • Sarah Stogner

U.S. House, District 38 (D)

  • Duncan F. Klussman

  • Diana Martinez Alexander