The Lone Star College System board of trustees was presented with two redistricting maps to select from June 8 prior to final adoption June 29.

Attorney Lisa McBride, partner with law firm Thompson and Horton, with which Lone Star College System is working for the redistricting process, said the process for redistricting began in November.

The board set a deadline in January this year to be prepared for an upcoming election in November.

“At the beginning of the decade, you had single-member districts that were under that ideal size and...[others] that were very much over that ideal size,” McBride said. “Each of the seven maps attempts to bring those closer into balance.”

LSCS is having to redistrict its maps because when the 2020 census data was released, there was more than a 10% difference in population sizes between the most populated and least populated districts.

McBride said the new plan reflects the demographic changes over the past decade, which show an increase in Hispanic and Black populations in districts such as District 1.

The two maps, proposed Plans 6 and 6A, will be voted on to accept the changes during the upcoming June 29 meeting.

The proposed maps can be found on LSC’s redistricting website here.