Montgomery County Precinct 3 announced in late May several projects to repair erosion and conduct washing and painting in The Woodlands area were underway or had been completed.
A project to repair erosion on Kuykendahl Road on the southbound bridge lanes over Spring Creek took place in May, according to Precinct 3. Precinct 3 officials said portions of the dirt and sod along the approach to the bridge had been worn away due to water runoff in recent years. Repairs by Rebel Contractors included regrading the slope as well as adding more topsoil and compacting soil along with use of hydromulch and erosion-control blankets.

Another project by contractor Lone Star Pavement Services was completed as of May 24 to pressure wash and repaint wood rails on Grogans Mill Road near the Grogans Mill Shopping Center, according to Precinct 3. Additional pressure washing and painting to rails, bridges and concrete barriers will continue throughout the precinct as needed, according to officials.