After months of research and review, the Kyle Planning and Zoning Commission voted at its meeting Aug. 30 to send its report on short-term rentals, or STRs, to the Kyle City Council for possible action.

The report recommends instituting an online registration process “to facilitate collection of data relevant and necessary for protection of the health and welfare of its citizens and visitors,” but without charging any fees that might reduce compliance with the system.

“Arduous permitting fees should be avoided to encourage and facilitate participation in the permitting process and tie-ins with city tourism efforts,” the report reads.

According to the report, the number of short-term rentals available in Kyle has grown from a single one in 2011 to 161 in 2018.

The commission also recommends against attempting to collect hotel occupancy tax, both because it would be difficult to collect and because it may discourage other residents from renting their homes.

“We believe it’s a net gain for the city to surrender [hotel occupancy tax] that may be collected from STRs in return for the economic stimulus,” the commission wrote.

The item went on the agenda for the Sept. 4 meeting of the City Council but was postponed. It will likely be placed on the agenda for a meeting this fall.