Lakeway City Council approved the renewal of an agreement with the Central Texas Water Coalition that has been in effect since 2013.

The CTWC requested a renewal during the March 18 council meeting, which calls for a $5,000 payment from the city of Lakeway for services pertaining to the agreement. The agreement will continue for one year unless terminated in writing by either the city of Lakeway or the CTWC.

According to information from the city, Lakeway has entered into a series of agreements with CTWC through which the coalition has provided services promoting the city’s economic and public safety interests in matters pertaining to the sale and use of water from the Highland Lakes.

CTWC President Jo Karr Tedder discussed numerous aspects and issues regarding water locally, including the impact of weather changes in the last few years, new sunset legislation focused on financial practices of the Lower Colorado River Authority and the manner with which the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality deals with water concerns.

Tedder also addressed the new policies of the CTWC, which she said will help better educate the public on issues related to water.

“We are going to become much more assertive this year in our education outreach,” Tedder said. “And we are going to be more proactive with things like social media that we haven’t done in the past. You just have to realize that water and politics are complex and long-term.”