Every Texas Health Breeze Urgent Care is equipped with an on-site pharmacy kiosk stocked with many commonly prescribed medications, likely saving you an extra trip to the pharmacy.

Director of Urgent Care Operations, Oscar Loredo said Breeze is pioneering a new standard for patient expectations.

“At Texas Health Breeze we are constantly looking at ways to put the patients’ needs first. From on-site pharmacy kiosks to warm blankets and hot tea, we’re revolutionizing the urgent care experience.”

Loredo said the pharmacy kiosks have proven to be a huge satisfier with patients and is part of what Breeze considers “Healthcare 2.0.”

“By forgoing traditional urgent care design models, we were able to develop a system that truly places the needs of the patients at the center of everything we do. This thought process led us to the pharmacy kiosk initiative”

In addition to the convenience of being able to leave with medications in-hand, patients will be excited to learn that the cost of those meds are included in the cost of their visit. In most cases, your cost will be the standard urgent care copay outlined by your insurance provider, often $50 or less. For patients who do not have insurance, Breeze offers a flat-rate price of $185, which covers most everything.

For those who haven’t used these pharmacy kiosks before, the process is meant to be easy and preserve patient privacy. When someone visits a Breeze Urgent Care center and requires a prescription, the provider can quickly enter the prescription order into the pharmacy kiosk system. Once at the kiosk patients can speak virtually with a live pharmacist to answer any questions regarding the medication they are receiving.

The pharmacist will explain the medication to the patient and make sure they understand how and when to take their prescription. After answering any final questions, the kiosk will dispense the medication and the patient can pick it up, similar to a vending machine.

Breeze Urgent Care centers are open from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. 365 days a year. Patients are encouraged to make a reservation online that fits their schedule and walk-ins are also welcome. Find more information about the on-site pharmacy kiosk on the Texas Health Breeze Urgent Care website.

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