At Abundant Health & Wellness, community members can find a variety of avenues to a healthier life through the holistic methods owner Dr. Polly Heil-Mealey recommends to reduce unwanted symptoms and ailments.

Known by the Humble community as “Dr. Polly,” she approaches care through holistic methods rather than traditional allopathic practices at her wellness center, which she has owned since 2010. Abundant Health & Wellness offers professional-grade supplements as well as other detox and screening services at 323 E. Main St., Humble.

Heil-Mealey’s journey to holistic wellness began more than a decade prior to owning her wellness center in 1998 when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. At the time, neither she nor her husband knew anything about holistic health. Instead, he opted for the medical route at MD Anderson. Five months later, in 1999, he died of radiation poisoning.

“That spurred me to look at other things,” Heil-Mealey said. “What could we have done differently had we known? If we had known there was scientific validity behind holistic health practices, my outcome may have been a little bit different.”

“Holistic health is something you do every day,” she said. “I was 42 when my husband died; it was young to be a widow, and I wanted to help alleviate that in someone else's life and teach people how to restore their health.”

Heil-Mealey said her background is rooted in Christianity, and that she believes in divine health.

“When you have something that happens to you that is outside your belief system, you question your beliefs,” she said. “There was nothing wrong with my husband until he developed cancer. My motivation in prayer was, ‘Why did this happen, and what we could have done to change this?’”

At her center today, Heil-Mealey sees clients with a variety of symptoms. While allopathic methods use prescribed medication to counteract symptoms, the holistic methods used by Abundant Health & Wellness aim to evaluate the client as a whole. In addition to symptoms, this philosophy takes social factors as well as mental health into account. Heil-Mealey said the people who come to see her are either experiencing symptoms they do not want, or on medications they do not want to be on.

“I have people who have allergies to people who have cancer,” she said. “I do not treat any sickness or disease, but I look at what my clients’ health parameters are and bring their bodies back into a healthful state.”

Part of helping clients regain that healthy lifestyle involves modifying their diet by eating more live food, or food in its natural state. When it comes to fruits and vegetables specifically, Heil-Mealey said it is important to eat them in an unadulterated state without preservatives, pesticides or herbicides.

In addition to encouraging her clients to eat live food, Heil-Mealey has a special device that uses a blue laser to determine how well someone’s body is actually absorbing the nutrients.

“The scanner measures the nutritional uptake of the fruit and vegetables you are consuming,” Heil-Mealey said. “The range is from 10,000 units to 90,000 units. When we are absorbing properly, the device will measure 90,000. Most people score under 20,000.”

After clients implement her recommendations, Heil-Mealey said she normally sees improvement within one to two days, but with a chronic condition, it can take up to six to nine weeks.

Additionally, Heil-Mealey offers a variety of services including EAV (electro acupuncture according to Voll) screening, Iridology, Ionic foot detoxing, Far Infrared Sauna, BrainTap, Heart Rate Variability Monitoring, Live Blood Cell analysis, and DNA testing. Clients can also find custom protocols, herbal supplements, homeopathy, Pharmanex (Scanner Score Certified) vitamins, skin care and quality CBD products.

Heil-Mealey said she hopes people understand Abundant Health & Wellness is different from other practices because it is results-oriented and guarantees results. In addition, her practice is client-centric, she said, and in most cases, she does not charge for follow up questions.

Here is a special offer for new clients only: the BioPhotonic Scanner regularly $20, Special offer of $5.00 which ends Friday, July 8, 2022, at 1 pm. Visit the website to find more information about Abundant Health & Wellness, the services offered, and Dr. Polly Heil-Mealey.

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